Gear for a Year

Tomorrow I will get on a plane and fly to Alberta, Canada. My first project assignment will be up in the Northwest Territories (Bears, Bugs, and Boreal), and I will be camping. Here’s some of things I’ll have with me:

  • Two packs: my old Ospery (37L) and a mint Mystery Ranch Terraframe (80L and an absolute monster).
  • About 5 changes of clothes 
  • An Ipad and keyboard
  • External hard drive and battery charger
  • Medical Kit (freshly certified EMT)
  • Tool Bag - should probably throw myself in there
  • JetBoil + water purifier + quick dry towels + tent + other camping gear
  • A few notebooks & some W.E.B reading material
  • 6 maps
  • Fire boots + Nomex brush pants and yellow
  • Rain + Bug gear
  • Fiber tape - always
  • Camera

If I forgot anything, let me know

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